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Dr. Norman Gloekler

Looking back, it was fate that lead me to my lower back injury several years ago. I was working in a job that was extremely physical and I was lifting and handling over 30 thousand pounds of material each shift. This eventually caused my lower back injury and it was only when I could not stand that I made my first visit to my chiropractor. He helped me not only regain my health but help me understand how my body worked and how healing is a natural phenomenon in the human body.

When I discovered chiropractic, I was near a bachelors degree in computer science but had taken time off school to work in a factory to fund further schooling. I was invited and encouraged by a friend, and and my new found chiropractor, to investigate the profession and consider going to school to follow a path to help others as chiropractic had helped me. That is when I entered Kent State University and completed my studies to move to St. Louis and attend Logan College of Chiropractic. I can remember not only going to school full time but also working in a number of restaurants, as both a cook and waiter, to help survive the financial stresses of being a student.

Dr. Norman J. Gloekler

Serving Ashtabula since 1981.

My philosophy is very basic when it comes to chiropractic. The body is a self healing and self regulating mechanism that heals naturally when there is no interference with the healing process. Chiropractic checks to see if the nerve system is working properly.


Our practice can make a difference in the health of your entire family.  A healthy spine helps your body use its natural restorative powers to correct and prevent illness.  We have developed a three step process to achieve this goal.  


Pain, in any part of your body, is a signal of a problem.  Most pain is the result of a structural problem and is effectively reduced or eliminated by relieving the tension caused by the subluxation.  


The second step of our Chiropractic care focuses on correcting the structural problem that was signaled by your pain.  Corrective spinal adjustments ensure your chances of a full uncomplicated recovery.  

         Routine spinal examinations and adjustments keep your spine healthy, allowing your body to                       naturally prevent illnesses and maintain good health.  

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